Sunday, May 13, 2012

The non-globalized

For twenty three years
witnessing her grand daughter grows
my non-globalized Grandma
in her seventies
still dumping medicine
into the garbage basket
living in her simple world
kottamalli, bebila, katuwelbatu
sudu loonu, welmi, akkapana
the list goes on
ask those newly appointed nurses
to go abroad
heard she saying yester night
during the news bulletin

Her hair's getting whiter
just like a doll's hair
I have a fist of them
in my drawer
saved  for future

I see her
caressing the face
with water
cursing the Colombo heat
uprooted from serenity
placed on complexity
she has no complains
I am in this "atharamaga"
for the sake of my "minipiri"

Still spreading some chocolates
on my study table
after her shopping sessions
does she understand
her Minipiri blogging?
under the title
"Aththamma's Minipiri"
will have to spend minutes
for the explanation
after all she has spent
twenty + 3 years
explaining the world to me


  1. +
    treats her minipiri's buddies
    who step in their house
    with the chocolates above said
    taking those too
    as minipiries of her own...
    that's how minipiri's aththamma
    whom i know...for 13 years
    "Ayu bo wewa aththamma"

    1. thanks kalpani
      she really loves you
      will show this to you
      she will definitely love it

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  3. This is fabulous Awanthi akka!!! Feels so genuine!!